Our Story

ClemTuck Farm is a family farm dedicated to providing health-full and flavor-full meats and eggs to our Northwest Arkansas customers. We exercise respectful management of our animals and our grasses and soil. Humane animal care includes free-range pasturing, organic feeds and, raising animals in small batches. Vibrant pastures feed healthy animals and a sustainable farm.

ClemTuck Farm is located in the hillsides outside West Fork, AR.

How We Farm…

We are a small, family farm.
We are members of American Pastured Poultry Producers Assn.
We only use organic feeds.
We use USDA-inspected and Animal Welfare Approved processors.
We are members of the AR Grassroots Grazing Group.
Our cattle only eat grass, never grain.
We don’t use herbicides or pesticides.
We raise our animals in small batches.
Our animals are moved to fresh grass daily.
You are welcome to visit the farm.
Our pastures are allowed ample recovery time between grazings.
We use low stress animal handling methods.
We deliver our meats and eggs.
We are non-GMO.

Our meats and eggs are Non-GMO so you can rest assured you are getting healthy food your tummy will thank you for.

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Our Customers Talk

The chicken brats are the bomb!

– Melinda T.

For the past year, I have been feeding my family eggs and chicken from ClemTuck Farm. As a mother, I feel great knowing that my children are eating fresh, non-GMO, vegetarian fed chicken and eggs. Our family favorite is the ground chicken—there is NO comparison to the poultry we were purchasing from local groceries. I can’t thank Gary and Sue enough for providing us with honorable, healthy, delicious food for my family and myself.

– Julie Keeran

The first time I tried the poultry products from ClemTuck Farm, it was obvious that there was a huge difference in the flavor and, for want of a better phrase, “mouth-feel”. The texture was amazing, the chicken’s flavor was not something you might need to mask or hide. It was cooked with the simplest of flavors, garlic, salt, pepper, and was perfect. I would highly recommend purchasing from ClemTuck Farm. They go to great lengths to insure that you are actually getting organic, quality, honest food.

– Tim Ray