The difference among the three feeds is a factor of how much pesticide and herbicide can be applied to the grain crops as they are grown in the fields.

Organic feeds have been grown with no pesticides or herbicides applied to the grain crops. It is the “cleanest” animal feed available. Because farmers have higher grain losses, though, to pests and weeds, it is also the most expensive animal feed.

Non-GMO feeds exclude grains that have been genetically modified to tolerate the heaviest doses of herbicides and pesticides. It does, however, still contain grains that have been treated with both, just at lower dosages. It is a less expensive animal feed than organic feed.

Conventional feeds can contain grains that have been genetically modified to accept the highest levels of pesticides and herbicides. It is the cheapest feed available. Most grocery store meats come from animals that have been fed conventional feeds.

We have made the decision to use certified organic feeds for our animals. It is the only way to be certain that there are no poison residues in the feed our animals eat or in our meat we offer our customers.